How To Get Youtube Views in 2020

How To Get Youtube Views in 2020

Today I’m going to show you exactly How to get youtube views in 2020 fast. The Secret a new strategy called the secret technique.

I recently use the secret technique to get 25,339 views on one of my YouTube videos in about two weeks. One of my subscribers also use this strategy on one of his videos.

And that video now has over a million views and in this post, I’m going to walk you through the entire process step by step Keep reading.

Last year, I saw something that blew my mind. I was checking where most of the YouTube views I had came from.

I learn that most of them didn’t come from YouTube search rather they came from suggested video. Mind blown in my case. 25% of my views came from searching But 41% came from suggested video.

Suggested video is that part on the right hand side of each and every video on YouTube or underneath on a mobile device, and if you can tweak your video to appear as those in suggested video, you will definately get thousands or millions of views.

And the best way to do that this sequel technique in fact, when I use the sequel technique, and that video from my channel racked up over 25,000 views in less than three weeks.

In fact, 66% of the views on that video have come from suggestive video, which as you’ll see in a minute, is by design. With that it’s time for me to show you the entire step by step process starting with step number one, find a popular video in your niche.

1.Find Video

The first step on How to get youtube views in 2020 is to find a video in your industry with lots of views. Why remember The goal of the secret technique is to show up as a suggested video, and when you get your video to appear next to a popular video, many people will click on it and watch the video.

But what most people ask is, how will they find a popular video in thier niche? Here are two simple strategies that work right first use YouTube search, all you need to do is search for a keyword that describes the video you want to make then look for a video in the results that already has many views.

Bingo. You can also look at your competitors. All you have to do is to sort it by most popular, by that you will get the most performing videos.

2.Create A Bigger And Better

The second tip on How to get youtube views in 2020 is to create a bigger and better video. So now that you found a popular video, it’s time to create something bigger and better.

Why is this important? Well, a while back, YouTube published a little known research paper called deep neural networks for YouTube recommendations, and this paper outline how suggested video probably works.

As it is now YouTube focuses more on expected watch time.

That’show  YouTube’s best guess how much time someone spend watching your video after they click on it. And to say this, YouTube themselves promotes videos that keep people on the platforms, so the more your expected watch time, the better it is.

For example, let’s see you just published a video about cold brew coffee Let’s call it video A and YouTube starts to show your video in the suggested video sidebar.

When people click your video, and they only watch it for a 30 seconds period.

YouTube knows that when someone clicks over to your video as a suggested video, it’s only going to result in 30 seconds of watch time so that video has an expensive watch time of 30 seconds.

Now let’s say you create another video about cold brew coffee video be this time people watch two minutes of your video on average that video has an expected watch time of two minutes four times more than video A and because video B has a higher expected watch time YouTube’s going to promote it in the suggested video sidebar like crazy.

So, to show up in the suggested video section. Your video needs to keep people watching and to keep people watching your video needs to be awesome.

You take the video that you found in step number one, and make it better. In other words, you want your sequel to be more like Empire Strikes Back, and less like episode one. Here’s exactly how to do it.

  1. First, create an awesome video intro.
  2. Next, create a longer video.
  3. Add pattern interrupts to your video.

3.Optimize Your Video

Step number three on How to get youtube views in 2020 is optimize your video. Finally, it’s time to optimize your video. Usually the main reason for optimizing a YouTube video, you optimize it for SEO.

But with the secret technique, you’re not trying to rank in YouTube search if you do great, that’s a bonus, but it’s not the main goal.The main goal is to show up as a suggestive video next to a popular video.. So how do you optimize your video for suggested video? It’s simple.

Copy your competitors keywords. In fact, YouTube’s Creator Academy says that when your videos meta data matches the video, someone’s watching You’re more likely to show up as a suggested video with that, So below are exactly how you should optimize your video for them to appear as suggested video.

  1. First, say your keyword in your video.
  2. Next you want to use that same keyword or a variation of it in your title. (My recommended optimizing tool )

For example, You want to make sure that you have your keyword in the title. Now they’ve optimized your title, it’s time to optimize your description specifically, you want to check out your competitors description and Use the same keywords they use.

For example, I noticed that my competitors description, use the terms SEO improve Google rankings and search engine. So I sprinkled those same keywords into my video description. Finally copy your competitors tags.

To do this, you’ll need to look at your competitors tags in the source code of the page, or use a tool like tubebuddy or vidIQ then just use a few of these tags in your video.

For example, I used as many tags as I could from my competitors video in my video, and because my videos title description tags match this popular video so well, So I always show up as a suggested video next after that video.

In fact, YouTube even promotes my video as Upnext, which means it automatically plays after people watch that video.

Bonus Tip

I have a quick bonus step in addition to earlier tips on How to get youtube views in 2020 for you which is to increase your suggestive video CTR as you just read suggested video is a powerful way To get more YouTube views, but what if there was a way to double, triple or even quadruple the amount of views that you get from suggestive video? Well, there is and it’s improving your CTR.

You might have heard of CTR before if not CTR stands for click through rate. The higher CTR, the more views you will have for your videos. For example, assuming say your video shows up next to a popular video.

As part of suggested video and only 5% of the people watching that popular video, hover to your own  video. That is really great. But if you can increase your CTR to 10% you’ll double your views without needing to do anything else.

With that, here’s exactly how to do it:

  • First open an incognito in Chrome. So that your viewing history will not affect what you see.
  • Next, visit the popular video you want to show up next to and take a look at the thumbnails in the suggested videos sidebar.
  • Finally, create a thumbnail different from your competitors.

For example, I noticed that most of the suggested videos, use the same colors red, orange, and white. That way, it really stands out. I also realized that most of the thumbnails didn’t show anyone’s face. Instead, they use mostly text, screenshots and visuals.

So I always make sure that I  include a shot of me from the video as part of  my thumbnail. And because my thumbnail stands out, it always has a high CTR.

Okay, so that’s it for the secret technique. And I hope this post helps show you how to get more views on YouTube. Now it’s your turn, which are the strategies from today’s post. Are you going to try first? Are you going to start using pattern interrupt? Or maybe you’re ready to increase your CTR? Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

But what if show i you my recommended and most easiest means am using currently as it shown in the video above or simply click on the LINK HERE . By the way if you still interested in how to make money online in 2020, you can check out this article HERE

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