How To Get Free Traffic From Quora

How To Get Free Traffic From Quora

Hey everyone, In this Post am going to show you the best tips on how to get free traffic from quora to your website completely free. Getting web traffic, getting visitors? How to get visitors? This is the main question when it comes to working online.

If you have a blog, you have maybe online shop, whatever, you have a YouTube channel, you need visitors, you need people to come to your website. Without visitors without traffic, you will have nothing your online business will fail. Very simple.

Now to get web traffic or to get visitors mailing we have two methods, the free organic traffic and paid advertising.

In this post, I want to show you one of the top methods on how to get traffic from quora to get thousands of visitors almost every day totally for free.

I will explain what Quora, how to use it and I will discuss with you the best practices and top tips and all to get the maximum traffic from this awesome website. So stay tuned and follow up with me.

What is Quora?

I will not waste your time talking about Quora. I think you heard about it before, but just in case it’s simply a key and a website where anyone can go to this website, ask a question, and people are all over the world will answer his question.

Now why this website is so important because simply it’s very popular. Millions of people are visiting this website and again basis.

So what is the idea here? Simply you will go to the website and start answering people’s questions. And then you can link to your website or whatever you want inside these questions and get traffic. Of course without stopping.

So this is the overall idea. posting your answers your high quality answers valuable answers to people and linking to your blogs, your website to YouTube channel, to whatever you want.

Search for Questions

So the first simple step you will do is to go to search tab of quora, Let’s say we are Talking about digital marketing, you will search digital marketing, and you can see all the results, all the questions about digital marketing.

Simply go through the questions and open them, you start answering them. The first tip is give valuable answers Don’t be a spammer just give real value so you can build trust and authority with people.

So people will know you as that person who have good answer about the questions. Okay. Now, you may be asking,

Do I need to answer all these questions?

If you can do this, maybe go with it. But as a best practice, what you are going to do is to filter base on the latest questions anything like past hour, a day or a week and you will see the latest questions and be the first one to answer. So your answer would be at the top of these questions

and this will give you somehow opportunity to get more views.

So, this is the second tip which is to go and select and then filter the latest questions and answer them.

Tips While Writing  The Answers

So as I told you before, just try your best to give a high valuable answer and give value for the readers. Now while you are writing your answers. You have here two tips you can follow.

1.Add Image

The first thing is to add images, images is very important because your questions or answers will be unique. Look at these people are adding images.

This is because answers with images will be somehow more visible and they will have higher chance to be read by People looking for answers. So there’s the first step when you write your answers, add images.

2.Import YouTube Videos

The second tip on How To Get Free Traffic From Quora is that you can import YouTube videos. You can just copy any YouTube video and go to your answer and paste it and it will appear as a video embedded video inside the answer and this also is very important because it will give you more traffic more views to your YouTube channel also.

3.Make Your Answers Long

The third tip on How To Get Free Traffic From Quora is to make your answers somehow long. And not only long but also valuable to the readers.

4.Google Latest Question.

It’s very important to go and see what questions are ranking on Google. To do this you can simply use semrush to get the top questions on Quora and a specific topic and go and answer them.

So you will get a lot of organic traffic from Google. Also, while answering these questions, you can go to semrush and and filter base on organic research.

So this is a very important tip also to get the best questions the top ranking questions on Quora, and answer them to get traffic.

5.Submit Posts

The last tip I want to show you about Quora is that we can submit posts in something called spaces together as a group where people are submitting articles to a particular topic.

In that space you will see who is in this space or group, whatever you want, you can go ahead and click on both and post an article.

So everyone following that space will see your article in the same way will get views and you will get more traffic and it looks like guest posting.

Before I end this post, please don’t ever spam the platform else you will be blocked automatically. Just go and give them valuable content for users who are submitting questions, answer them with a real value.

So you can build trust, build your brand, you will be known worldwide that you have good answers, and you can refer your links and then you can get a lot of traffic.

And if you want to share your links, if you want an optimal percentage of sharing links only share a link in every five answers you post on Quora.

And that way you will not look like a spammer you will give valuable content and you will build trust and build authority and get more and more traffic from the platform.

Believe me do this and you will get high quality traffic. And this method is also very important if you want to build your YouTube channels also to get more subscribers to get more views.

But what if show i you my recommended and most easiest means am using currently or simply click on the LINK HERE . By the way if you still interested in how to make money online in 2020, you can check out this article HERE


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