How To Drive Traffic From Instagram in 2020

How To Drive Traffic From Instagram in 2020
How To Drive Traffic From Instagram

You find that no matter what you do, you just can’t get can get that. Well, today, I’m going to show you how to drive traffic from instagram in 2020.

In this post am going to share with you how I drive organic new followers each and every single week from Instagram.

See if you’re leveraging these techniques, and if you’re not on me knocking on your door and helping you out I really want to see you grow, leverage these steps and you’ll do well.

1.Test Your Content

How To Drive Traffic From Instagram

So the first thing I have for you, you need a test your content. So the thing that most people don’t realize about Instagram is, you’ll post content, you’re probably going to post the same content over and over again that just like spamming.

But the content you like isn’t necessarily what others People like so the content that you’re posting isn’t causing your subscriber count to go up. What does that tell you? This tells you that people are not interested or don’t care for your content.

That’s what you need to test. When you test different types of content. You will definitely figure out what people like and what they don’t like, your content may be videos or could be selfies. It could be other people taking a picture of you in a natural pose. It could be you on stage, whatever it may be, just test out different stuff.

It can even be you in a car, my buddy Nasir Habib, loves doing pictures of him with a laptop in a cave or in a pool. And they’re cool. People love that. He’s found out that work best for his audience. So you need to test different things and find out what best suit your audience.


How To Drive Traffic From Instagram

The second thing on how to drive traffic from Instagram is leverage video. And I know everyone’s like, yeah, I use video I uploaded to my profile by you uploading it to igtv Instagram TV allows you to upload video content that’s way longer.

This is one of the new channel that Instagram wants its users to engage with. Yes, it’s been out there for a while but not too many people are doing it.

So the moment you leverage Igtv  You’ll find that your numbers will start going up. I started leveraging it and eventually I started getting more followers.

3.Creative Content

How To Drive Traffic From Instagram

The third thing on how to drive traffic from Instagram is get super creative with your content. All do things like having images, like double tap this, if you want to hit your goals this year, those kind of posts do really well, because I’m playing along with the Instagram community.

Everyone loves double tapping. I even saw an interesting image once and I can’t find it now. But someone put a heart on one eye. And they were like, oh, double tap.

So I can have a heart on the other eye and mash. And that picture just went viral. It’s cheesy, but it worked.You got to try different things.

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4.Micro Content

The Fourth tip on how to drive traffic from Instagram is you need to leverage micro content. Everyone says like, Oh my godness, I’m going to take this whole day and take like 50 pieces of content.

No, you can just live your life has someone film it or you can film yourself or during your day. You can just shoot a selfie or picture uploaded to Instagram. It’s all about micro context.

And when you’re on stage, like speaking at a conference or doing something have something recorded You can even put your phone up yourself, have it on the stand and just record yourself, chop it up with a lot of bite sized pieces and upload that as micro content.

By doing that, we find that you can engage with people more often.

5.Upload Stories

The last but not the least on how to drive traffic from instagram is constantly upload stories. You need to be having stories else you’re not going to do well.  It was found out that stories are the best source of engagement on Instagram.

Try it out. Leveraging stories is a great way to build engagement. And you’ll find a lot of times when you put an image on Instagram, you’re losing followers, because you don’t have the right audience.

But when you leverage stories, you’ll find that your account just keeps going up and up. This is just because Instagram wants to crush Snapchat in the game, even though they have already done that.

So that’s why you need to leverage stories. If you follow all these tips I share in this post on how to drive traffic from instagram, you will definitely do better on Instagram.

And as a bonus tip to these tips I shared earlier for you is to engage with people. I’m not talking about just responding with comments. I’m talking about Instagram Live.

When you’re truly engaging with people conversing with them live through video, you’re going to do really well build that emotional connection where people want to follow You more, do all of that and you can grow organically.

You don’t need to use those tools to automatically follow people so you’d be have more followers. You need to follow these tips instead. And if you follow your organic following count go up over time.

Meanwhile if you still what to learn how get traffic to that little blog post of your that you create you can read this article HERE. Or if you are looking for more ways to make money online in 2020 then read this article HERE.


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