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How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

The question that most people that are looking to start affiliate marketing asked is ‘‘Can affiliate marketing be done without a website?’. Well in this post am going to answer that question and not also that but show you exactly how to do affiliate marketing without a website.

So What do we Mean by Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the act of promoting other people’s products and get a certain percentage of the sells price of that particular product.

You also earn a commission when someone perform a particular action, like doing a survey, opt in to an email form, download or make a call. But this form of affiliate marketing is called CPA Marketing (i.e Cost per Acquisition marketing).

So moving on to the tips I promise to show you in my post here which is how to do affiliate marketing without a website.

5 Tips on How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

1.Create a Small Blog Post

So what I mean by create a free blog post is simply go to some website builders like WordPress, Wix etc and create an account with them. After that you create your desired free version of a website but the only downside to this is it carries the website builders name along with your intendend domain name. example like or

But remember this is nothing considering that you provide value to the post you create. In fact your customers don’t always look at that because what they are after is solution to their problem.

And again when choosing the name of your site address always choose something related to your niche and easily access when type in the search engine. The advantage of this is like you are creating an authority of what exactly niche you are into.

For example, if you are promoting a carpentry products that help people, your main focus keyword should be  carpentry guide or capentary plan.

Just ensure that those keywords are place in the your domain like this  or

And another thing you should consider is to make sure that those keywords are in your blog post and provide some value on how people can get their capentry work good, fast and representable.

Again I always stress on this that provide value as much as you can in your post not just fill the whole post with you affiliate links which most times it provoke the readers.

As always your blog post should be around 500-1000 word with lots of value which then you can insert your affiliate link of the product you are recommending at the end of your blog post.


In this regard am going to use a story in order to get the gist clear. Suppose say Stacey likes to travel around the world a lot. She always like to use ABC travel company for all her bookings.

She posts all her amazing experience she’shaving during her travels like  photos, stories of her travels on facebook and eventually she gets many likes and shares from her friends, relatives and colleagues. So in this regard Stacey will work out an arrangement with ABC travel where she will generate referrals for them in exchange for a small fee.

This is actually a win-win for both the company and Stacey. And remember Stacey doesn’t have to do anything new or spend too much time. Rather she will be doing what she already does and loves! All  she will do is to recommend ABC company somewhere in her posts, along with her afffiiate link.


The second tip on how to do affiliate marketing without a website is Let’s say Alice happens to be very photogenic and she has a lot of followers on Instagram. All she’s doing is what she love which of course made she really popular and having lots of follower.

So she can make a deal with a clothing or accessories brand/store and recommend it to her followersas a post on instagram and guess what she made money when her followers buy the particular product.

She doesn’t have to change her schedule or anything else all she will be doing is what she already love to do and of courseits a great way for her to make some cash.


So number three on how to do affiliate marketing without a website is Lets say your wife gave birth to twins. So by this alone she can create simple videos about parenting, baby care and lot more and upload them on YouTube.

Veronica has a great opportunity to recommend a host of baby care products, parenting courses, healthcare books/products to her audience on YouTube.

She can simply say that this and this product had helped her immensely and they can benefit others too. She absolutely doesn’t have to do any hard selling. All she will do is to partner with the corresponding company of those products she’s using.

4.Paid Advertising

Affiliate marketing with paid advertising, in as much as the affialiate program allow it, paid advertising can be in fact it’s the great way to benefit from affiliate marketing without having a website of your own.

With paid ads on search engines you literally get the most out of the affiliate marketing business. Example of places to set your ads are Google, bing, youtube, facebook, instagram etc. So that’s the fourth tip on how to do affiliate marketing without a website.

5.Mobile Marketing

Although this is restricted in some countries, so before using this method always ensure that it is in line with the country of interest.

As you can see, affiliate marketing has immense potential across multiple platforms – you just need to find the right things to promote and be willing to take a bit of initiative.

A Quick Remainder

Whilst affiliate marketing is actually a great way to make money on the online. there is always a difference between those people that make a lot of money with affiliate marketing and those who earn nothing.

With affiliate marketing, sky is your limit but to reach that point you must keep in mind a few details.


The examples I mentioned above require certain time to implement. If you are trying to make yourself an authority in the marketplace, you of course have to always show up for people to take you seriously. And as to gaining of trust it also takes time sometime months,year but what is needed from you is time and consistency. It is not just an overnight thing.


As I said earlier you have to be consistent in your marketing. That means posting relevant content consistently.

So you can’t create a content today and till next month before you create another of course people will forget about you. You can decide to publish 1 post or video daily.

Affiliate Marketing best Practice

Irrespective of where you decide to promote your affiliate links there are a few things you should consider.

a.Offer value before sale

Always place yourself in the show of your audience even before thinking of promoting your affiliate links. Ask yourself whether your content or video you are providing is helpful.

b.People doesn’t like to be sold off.

Don’t fill your post with affiliate links with just your little information. And if that happen then you are less likely to be trusted. But what about if i show you a software that could automate the whole thing for you. The only thing you will be require to do is to put in you affiliate links and BOOM page full of content ready for you to promote is made. you wanna know that? then check this out CLICK HERE

That’s it Guys on how to do affiliate marketing without a website see you in my next post. Meanwhile if you still what to learn how get traffic to that little blog post of your that you create you can read this article HERE. Or if you are looking for more ways to make money online in 2020 then read this article HERE.

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