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CPA Marketing For Beginners in 2020 – Best Hack Explain

CPA Marketing For Beginners in 2020 – Best Hack Explain
CPA Marketing For Beginners in 2020 - Best Hack Explain

CPA Marketing For Beginners in 2020. CPA marketing is a good attractive business model for some people who are just starting in their online marketing.Uncounted offers, awesome ROI and long-term residual income all depend on a very good high earnings potential.

So basically CPA marketing is act of you making  people to take some action (like submit an email, or register an account or performing a survey etc.), and in return of that you get paid.

It’s actually very much the easiest way to make some money online with little to no money to invest be it a beginner or advance. CPA marketing can be the most scalable and high ROI way to monetize your website even if you are just getting started.

CPA Marketing Unlike other marketing tactics where you have to your advertisers for  your brand to get the exposure you wish it should have and with no guarantee of sales, But CPA marketing allows you to only pay after the sale made and at a rate you determine.

For instance, you may be selling a $100 pair of sneakers and you pay your CPA partners a 10% commission after the sale is made, you see with that you only pay $10 in marketing spend and enjoy the remaining return.

CPA Marketing For Beginners, What Is CPA Marketing?

CPA Marketing is a affiliate business model where certain amount of commission is paid to affiliate when a user takes a particular task. These tasks may include filling out a form, signing up for a trial, or even making a purchase.

CPA marketing, is also known as the cost per action marketing, is a type of affiliate marketing model that offers a certain commission to the affiliate when a specific action is completed.

Advantages of CPA Marketing?

CPA marketing is very profitable business model but that is only when you target the right audience being you as an affiliate and connect them with quality influencers (as a business).

Some of this advantages of CPA marketing could include:

1. The set up is pretty simple.

CPA marketing is literally easy to set up, you only need a website and in some cases you don’t even need that and a CPA network. By having your very own website and choosing a CPA offer, traffic is almost immediately if at all everything is set up correctly.

2. Only Pay After the Sale is Made.

That’s one of the most I like personally. You only pay for traffic that convert.

3. Have a Low Risk.

This is because no payment is made to the publisher unless a referred person converts to a customer or even completes a specific task.

4. It has a High ROI.

It is estimated that affiliate marketing generates 16% of all overall online marketing.

Affiliate marketing sells produce:

  • 58% higher it is average customer revenue.
  • 31% higher it is per customer order average.
  • 21% higher it is average order value (AOV).

And another beauty part of it is, the more sales you drive, the higher your commissions will be.

5. It widen the Marketing Reach.

CPA marketing gives you the scale and also the distribution.

Whether your brand is in home and garden, pet supplies fashion, electronics, beauty, or anything else, the reality is most business verticals uses CPA marketing.

Register with a CPA Network.

CPA Marketing For Beginners in 2020. So If you’re just starting out, the best thing I will personally recommend is to choose a newbie-friendly affiliate network with a straightforward application process. This is because most of those big CPA network make you spend hours on your application form only to get your application rejected.

This always happen more often than you’d expect and leaves newbie affiliates feeling as if they can’t make it in the business model. When reaching out to a particular network, you should always be honest about what your expectations are and what past experience you’ve got.

In fact so many affiliate networks, such as Mobidea, will be happy to work with new affiliates if they have the right attitude. Even from your own perceptive and security, you wil also like to choose a network with easy payment options and great affiliate managers.

Whatever it is that your network can offer you for free, surely it can be of great help to you. Your main goal then is to focus on getting the volume you need to have those positive ROI that will turn you into the super affiliate you are destined to be!

If you’re still in any doubt of yourself, find active forums and try to connect with like minded people like you. Get yourself an account at the STM forum and from there start to connect with people in the community.

These guys will give you a tons of great advice and support – something that would have been hard time finding elsewhere.

Choose the Offers to Promote

CPA Marketing For Beginners in 2020. Once you are with the network, the next thing to do is to find the best offers. Don’t be at a rush in doing this, always review all the offers  you’ve got access to. Promoting an offer you’ve got some sort of emotional connection with always work in your favor more than promoting something you feel like because of it payout.

Remember, you will be working on your campaign for hours at a time, that is why is wise if you are actually interested in that you’re promoting. Decision-making process is another thing to also put into consideration.

Because by this way you can be sure your campaign is always in handy to your audience, and that you don’t fall into the trap to continuously be swapping out offers. It also provide you with more creative freedom to sell with the right message to your audience.

That is why I always advice people to take a good look around and keep in mind that the payout is only a piece in a big puzzle as such shouldn’t be the only factor to influence your decision.

Driving Quality Traffic To Your  CPA Site

The last but not the least thing in this CPA Marketing For Beginners in 2020 post is traffic. So the next thing to do after you’ve found an offer and joined a network is to drive traffic to your site.

There are a different ways to get traffic. But the 3 most common traffic strategies that CPA marketers use are:

1. PPC Ads

PPC ads they are ads like Google Adwords, bing ads and Facebook ads which stand to be the popular way to get traffic to your CPA offers.

The big advantage of PPC advertising is that you can start right away.

But the downside of it is that you need to spend money into your ads… And of course once you stop spending, your revenue goes to zero.

2. SEO

Although it takes time to kick-in, but once you immediately rank for your target keywords, you get traffic without needing ANYTHING else.

If you want to learn the SEO tactics, then I highly recommend checking out these resources:

How to Get Highly Quality Traffic Without Backlinks

3.Social Media

Snapchat, Facebook,  Instragram ( You can also checkout my article on how to MAKE MONEY FROM INSTAGRAM HERE )0and YouTube.

All these are popular platforms that can get your offers in front of the right people. Like with the SEO, it do take time to build up a following on social media. But a popular Instagram profile or  a Facebook page is an asset that can pay off.

That’s it Guys for this Post and i hope you find it useful.

But what if show i you my recommended and most easiest means am using currently as it shown in the video above or simply click on the LINK HERE . By the way if you still interested in how to make money online in 2020, you can check out this article HERE

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