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Best Ways to Make Money Online as a Beginner in 2020

Best Ways to Make Money Online as a Beginner in 2020

Hi everyone in this post am going to show you six (6) businesses that you can start online from your mobile phone and the best thing about running a business from a phone is you can do it from anywhere in the world it’s completely versatile and you don’t need to have a laptop.I actually run multiple businesses from both a phone and a laptop but a lot of the time I actually prefer to do it from a phone  because it’s so much easier just to pull the phone out check emails run my business do everything on a phone and most of the traffic now online about 60% of it is on a mobile phone.

So let’s get into these six business models that you can run from your phone, these are the best that I found and some of them I’m doing right now and some of them I’ve done in the past and they work extremely well.

  1. Flipping Products

best way to make money online in 2020

Flipping products is one that I started a long time ago this is one of the things I first started doing online now if you’re quite young this is perfect for you and I was quite young when I did this and this is called flipping products so you can go to garage sales every single weekend or during the week whenever they’re on and you can go on find products for a price and you can simply straightaway upload them to or another site that’s similar to that if you want and you can just simply upload them straight away as soon as you buy these products you for a markup price. Now this is one of the easiest ways to go and start a business online because you can do it 100% on your mobile phone from anywhere, all you do is you go to your local newspapers or your local Facebook groups those are a real good place to find these garage sales.  All you do is go and find stuff for really really cheap and first you want to go on Amazon and see what they’re selling for.

 this say you go buy a teddy bear for $3 and they’re selling on Amazon for $10 then you’ve got to make a $7 profit

all you going to do is price check to see what they’re selling for and if the numbers are up and you can make money simply buy that product from the garage sale upload it to Amazon and sell the product it will eventually sell and you eventually make money now to do that multiple times throughout the day you can make $100 today $200 a day or you can just make a living every single week I actually was making a weekly wage when I was doing this back when I was like 20-22 years old and I was flipping products with my mobile phone finding them at garage sales uploading them online and I’ll sell these products like probably two or three days later sometimes maybe a week later at the most but they would always sell probably one of my go-to methods to start a business especially if you’re young and you haven’t really got the skills or you don’t really know much about other method yet definitely start flipping products by going to garrage sales and uploading them to websites like Amazon via your mobile phone. I found this most easier way I make money online as a beginner during my early days.

  1. iWriter


best way to make money online in 2020

online writer you can write on your phone all day long it’s very easy to do what you want to do is go to websites like and other similar website sign up as a writer and then what happens is people would submit articles and say hey I need this article written on the 10 best fishing tips or I need this article written on how to make money online and you simply go okay I’m going to do this article so you accept the job and then you simply just start typing and it doesn’t have to be great content because a lot of these people end up editing it anyway they just want some content to work with obviously if you make the content better then you’ve got more chance of them buying up from you but all you got to do is sit there even if you’re watching TV and then start typing it’s very easy to do.

  1. Social Media Manager

best way to make money online in 2020

This one is simple and I hire people to do this for me right now and then it’s become a social media manager so right now I pay someone every single week to go and manage my Twitter account all they do is they send me a list of post it they’re going to be posting throughout the week I approve them and they post those onto my Twitter it’s very simple, So you can become a social media manager you can manage Instagram, Twitter, Facebook accounts or any type of accounts people will pay you to do that. Example such website is you can apply to people who are looking for social media managers and usually 99% of the time the person that’s hired you will have the content for you to do so you don’t have to do anything you just simply post it you’re like a schedule.

  1. YouTube Channel

best way to make money online in 2020

Believe it or not is to start a YouTube channel and you can do it with a mobile phone when I started YouTube let’s relieve no joke all I would do was get my camera put it up to my face and start recording that’s it I didn’t have anything to gear I don’t have any fancy software I would edit the videos on my phone as well this is like four or five years ago now come a long way with editing software since then I would edit everything on the phone and do everything on the phone upload it to YouTube. YouTube is very lucrative guys it can become a full-time business a channel can make you over $10,000 per month just from ads revenue. So there’s a lot of money to make and you only need a smartphone to get started. Infact this is one of the earsier to make money online as a beginner in 2020 because it literally free to start with no cost.

  1. Tech Support

best way to make money online in 2020

Tech support you can just type in tech support and people will hire you to be a tech support person that could be answering emails in a chat bot online doing kind of like any type of tech support but one of the most common ones is a chat bot tech support you go and sign up as a chat bot support.

What happens is when people go to a website a little chat bot box pops up and then they’ll say hey I’ve got this problem or I’m looking for this and then you’re on the other end and you’re going to answer the question now this is really easy for anybody to do because the questions are really basic and if the questions are hard you usually create a ticket anyway and escalate it to the managers or someone else that can actually take care of the problem so a tech support person will answer the basic questions that anybody can know or anyone knows and you get paid in return you can get somewhere from like $18 to $25 an hour.

I’ve seen even after $30 to $40 per hour depending on the company that is paying you for the most lucrative industries make money online niche anyone in the make money online niche they pay quite a bit more money for tech support tech because obviously they have a lot of money coming in.

it’s just a great way to make some money guys and you can do it from the phone you could be at dinner and someone could ask the question and you could be doing it and you get paid to do it or while you’re on the couch watching TV you can literally be paid to sit at home and do nothing that’s why I like to take support one go so it’s very simple to do and anyone can do it.

  1. Dropshipping

Now number six is one of my favorites but first you would have to set this up on a computer if you probably could do it from a mobile phone but it’s just easier on the computer to start with and that is dropshipping so you don’t know what dropshipping is? it’s when you take a product from a supplier you advertise it online someone pays you and in the supply sends it for you without touching the product.

You can do this online because you can create your store online nowadays you can find products advertising on your mobile phone everything is on your mobile phone in fact I have some Google ads running right now I have some Google Shopping ads running right now on my account on one of my stores and I can do it all from my mobile phone.

Although it is easier to do it on a laptop first just to set the store up and get the products inside the store then once that’s done it’s all run from your mobile phone and on that note guys that is probably my favorite business model to do from a mobile phone because you don’t have any inventory.

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