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Best Ways to Make Money By Typing From Home

Hi and welcome to another post and in this one am going to show you best ways to earn money online by typing from home. But First, there are some things that you should put into consideration.
Typing is one of the easy and a basic skill that we have. And since is so easy to do, definitely you can’t expect to be paid high for typing jobs that you find online. So if you are fine with the low pay, then this can of jobs might be for you. I will not only discuss the genuine jobs, but I will also cover scams that you should avoid.

1. Data Entry

Best Ways to Make Money By Typing From Home
This is one of the simplest of all the typing jobs. It actually doesn’t take much experience to get into it, but put in mind that it pays the least too. This can be a good place to kick start if you are trying to get the most out of your skills and get some experience too.
Data Entry is a niche that is surrounded by scams, Although there are legit data entry jobs available. Some which I found to be legit are:

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk: Amazon is really popular as you know, and Amazon Mechanical Turk allow you to perform many tasks some of which may include data entry. Although Their pay varies. And the beauty part of it is that you can earn more than the minimum wage. And the downside to it is that only people in the US citizen and India are allowed to withdraw their earnings.
  • Upwork: This website offers a variety of jobs and all you have to do is search for data entry jobs. Upwork has an escrow protection which will most likely get paid if you do everything right. I always recommend this in order to avoid getting scammed, you only work for clients that have been rated acceptable by other fellow freelancers.
  • FlexJobs: The downside of this is it not free you have to pay a monthly fee of $14.95, but you can also divide the payment quarterly or yearly. I believe the payment worth it because of the number of jobs you will find in the website. And another interesting thing is that they check their listings, which ofcourse will guarantee it listing.

2. Transcription Jobs

So the second method among the best ways to make money online by typing from home is transcription. Transcription means the act of listening to an audio file and tramsforming it into a text format. It actually easy to do, but you will need some time to get used to it. Some which I found to be legit are:
Atheron: This one is for those that want to do transcription work consistently not try and leave. One of the cons is that they only allow people from the US and Canada to join. You will also need to have two years of experience.. If you base in US or Canada, this company might be good for you to look at.
Scribie: They pay anything from $5 to $20 per hour, which doesn’t look bad. And another thing you need to remember is that the pay is based on how many hours you spend on transcribing the audio files. They also offer promotions for those who provide quality work consistently and your paying rate will also increases as you are promoted. The cons with it is that you will have to take a test before you can become a certified transcriber. Although I don’t think that the test will be too hard to pass.


So the third method among the best ways to make money online by typing  from home is captioning. Captioning is quite different from most of the home-based transcription work, because instead of the normal transcription one is use to, the real-time captioner will type live video.

It need one to have a very fast typing speeds, accuracy, and specialized stenography equipment as well. The down side to this is only the most experienced typist can transition to real-time transcription.
• However, there are also caption jobs for typing captions for already recorded video, called the offline captioning. In this offline captioning, the audio of the recorded video is transcribed and the same time added as captions in the post-production process. But the beauty part of this is it require Less speed and experience.
• Additionally, offline captioners also need training and experience in placing their caption within the correct timing of a particular video.

4. CAPTCHA Typing

There are many websites that gives CAPTCHA typing work. So your job here is includes solving those CAPTCHAs for hours. The payment is actually very low. There are lots of websites that don’t even pay you after completing the work.

The downside of this is very easy to get yourself banned by those websites because some of their strict rules and they only give you limited time to solve CAPTCHAs. The annoying thing is that CAPTCHA typing is usually abused by hackers and spammers by making multiple accounts.

That is why they need people like we to fall into the trap and help them in filling CAPTCHAs. Once they get those lot of fake accounts they can do any of their illegal activities like crashing websites and spamming people all around.

So to be honest with you if you don’t know what the CAPTCHAs are used for, then it is not worth to actually try or join the websites that offers those can of jobs.

It is always best to provide something good to my viewers as such I wouldn’t recommend being part of something that is illegal, and the pay is really bad.


Best ways to make money online by typing

Upwork is among the best portals for Freelancers and Employers all over the globe. It allows employers to connect with those freelance job seekers to get their jobs done and pay a particular or hourly amount once the job is completed successfully.

Upwork also allow it users to search for lots of online jobs, among which include typing. There are different job types when it comes to typing, example of which is copy typing. Copy typing this type of job requires users to fast type text from any location they read it from.

Upwork literally has many job opportunities for those kind of work. The way it work is that employers post their copy typing projects on Upwork and the job seekers or freelancers can apply for those projects by bidding on them. So if you have fast typing skill, this is the best place to start from. Upwork is actually a best way to make money online by typing from home.


So the last but not the least method among the best ways to make money online by typing  from home is from a website called Rev. This is another transcription site. Rev is a transcription company gives transcription services, captioning and other foreign subtitles. You can make money by typing captions for videos, transcribing audio files, and lots more!

So if you are very good in English and at the same time a fast typist, working with Rev is the best way to go and worth trying. The beauty part of working with Rev is that there is always work opportunities enlisted there in the platform. Everyday is a project uploaded day.

That’s it Guys on how to do affiliate marketing without a website see you in my next post. Meanwhile if you still what to learn how get traffic to that little blog post of your that you create you can read this article HERE. Or if you are looking for more ways to make money online in 2020 then read this article HERE.

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